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During a very trying year for Haiti and the world…


On August 14, 2021, the entire Southern Peninsula of Haiti was devastated by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake.  In the aftermath, PRODEV is on the ground and has partnered with first responders to distribute urgently needed supplies in the school communities we serve.  It is estimated that 60% of the schools we support have been leveled and the rest have sustained varying degrees of structural damage.

« I thought I was going to die... » 

Eight-year-old Anderson was walking to the market with his mom when the earthquake hit southern Haiti. “I thought I was going to die,” he said.

When the tremors stopped, he could not believe his eyes. His home was transformed into a pile of rubble. They lost everything but were relieved that no one was hurt.  Later, Anderson was saddened at the news that his favorite uncle had been crushed to death in the house next door.

Going back to school is no longer a certainty for Anderson. His school was flattened by the quake and some of his teachers are homeless. His mother is now focusing on securing shelter, so replacing his school supplies is not a priority.

Anderson is not the only child in this situation.  PRODEV has worked in southern Haiti for the past 6 years providing quality education to 3,000 students attending 15 schools located throughout the communities impacted by the quake.

Our team conducted a thorough assessment of the situation, focusing on back to school strategies. Following conversations with parents, teachers, and administrators, we came up with a 4-phased plan of action. 

1.- Project 'Gift a Backpack'

This should be an exciting time of year for our students with going back to school. Unfortunately, as Haiti faces devastating and uncertain times the school year has been pushed to October/November. We will distribute 3000 back-to-school kits and bags to all our students, to provide them with the appropriate materials and tools they will need to succeed. Your gift of $25 per backpack is urgently needed to get our students prepare and ready to learn.

2. Radio PRODEV

For children whose schools have been destroyed, we will provide instruction through PRODEV’s Radio PRODEV, a COVID-19 related program designed and implemented prior to the earthquake.  We have distributed 1000 radios; we need 3000 more. Your gift of $20 is going to pay for one Radio.


3. Trauma-Informed Psycho-Social Programs

In collaboration with the regional Department of Education, we will implement trauma-informed psycho-social programming for those who can return to safe structures. We will need to expand our team and purchase materials. We are seeking to hire counselors with a background in trauma-informed care. It costs $100 to hire a counselor for one week. Your gift of any amount is going to support the programs.


4. Teacher Emergency Fund

Our network of teachers lives in the affected communities, and many have lost their homes. We plan to help them rebuild more robust and sustainable homes. We are creating a rebuilding fund to assist them in this process. Your gift of any amount is going to support the Teacher Emergency Fund.



Let’s support Anderson and the 3000 children.  Let’s remind them that their education matters.


Thanks for giving!



PRODEV’s work impacts the lives of thousands of children enrolled in 15 primary schools throughout the South and the Grand’Anse. In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, we were called by our local partners to provide psycho-social support to over 10,000 school aged children in the storm ravaged communities. Additionally, with the support of partners such as the Jewish Distribution Center (JDC), we worked with school networks in the South to provide emergency preparedness training to both rural and urban institutions. Given our extensive experience in providing short- and long-term assistance following natural disasters, we are well-positioned and extremely qualified to make a difference.

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