PRODEV's vision is that, one day, all citizens have access to education and are empowered to take an active role in building a just and democratic society in Haiti. 


Free tuition 

Since most schools are located in underserved neighborhoods, our students actually do NOT pay tuition. They pay a nominal fee at registration that helps offset the cost of water and a modest salary for the security team. All children wear uniforms, are provided with books, school materials, clean drinking water, as well as free and nutritious meals. Your donation enables children to go to school and thrive. Click here to sponsor a student.


Proven teaching methods 

At PRODEV, children are encouraged to actively participate and engage in class. We value their opinion. Problem solving and critical thinking skills are reinforced. Classrooms are limited to 35 children, which is almost unheard of in Haiti. 


Our teaching actions are guided by 5 outcomes that aim to create optimal learning conditions for children:

1) their physical well-being 

2) their emotional needs and psychosocial protection 

3) an active pedagogy with a child-centered approach 

4) active participation of parents and local communities  

5) promotion of leadership and school management


Quality teachers 

All teachers at PRODEV schools hold a teaching certificate and many have earned college degrees. Continuous teacher training and coaching ensure that teachers are committed professionals. Your support helps ensure high quality teachers are hired and retained.


Technology is integrated into every classroom

A school-based computer center is a focal point at every school. Students of all ages learn basic computer use under the supervision of a trained instructor.



Sports, music and arts are important components of the curriculum. Whenever possible we encourage the creation of a school garden managed by the students under the supervision of a local gardener.


Health care

A nurse’s office is located on site where children have access to care. Annual physical and dental checkups are provided to all students.