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Our Impact


With the generous support of our partners, PRODEV offers a safe environment where children receive high quality education and are given an opportunity to discover their talents through art, music and sport classes.

Our team and our children are deeply thankful. No help is too small.

Sméralda Jianne

My name is Sméralda Jianne Muscadin, I am 19 years old and I come from a Christian family of three of which I am the eldest. I am from the second class of Ecole Nouvelle Zoranje, ENZ (2013 - 2014). Currently, I am studying Financial Institutions Management at Quisqueya University. My dream is to become an entrepreneur. I want to create new wealth and jobs for my country, Haiti. I know that I would never get there without the help of my parents, my relatives, my teachers, and especially without PRODEV's help. PRODEV gave me the opportunity to study in a safe environment. The schools in my neighborhood would not have given me that same chance.

I will be forever grateful to the founders and the entire team

that manages this great foundation.


My name is Perpétue. I was honored today as one of the best students of Palm Beach Lakes High School. I am from Haiti and I had the opportunity to go to Ecole Nouvelle Zoranje (PRODEV HAITI). Each day takes me one step closer to become a Pediatrician to help kids in my community. PRODEV helped me become the student I am today.


Education is the only solution

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