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What We Do

We feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be smaller because of that missing drop. 

Mother Theresa

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At PRODEV, we believe that no action is too small. With more than 958 children enrolled in our two schools, we are proud to participate in building the future of Haiti. What Haiti needs today is to ensure that its youth will have the desire and ability to participate in the growth of its country.


In Haiti, 85% of the schools are private. We have decided to offer a free scholarship to children of underserved neighborhoods.


Because children are children, we also ensure that they receive a daily healthy meal, drinkable water and access to medical or psychological services. Students have access to playground areas, sport areas, a computer room, music and art classes.


With the constant support of our donors, partners and working team, we have the satisfaction of seeing our children reaching adult life with the necessary tools. We know that their lives would have been different without your help.

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