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Our Schools

Ecole Nouvelle Zoranje (ENZ) opened in 2010. The school  is located in Village La Renaissance, North of Cité Soleil, in Port-au-Prince. The school offers education to children from early childhood education classes (Pre-K) until 9th grade. There are 587 students currently attending (310 girls and 277 boys). The staff at ENZ includes 37 teachers, 7 school administrators and a staff of 22 school personnel, including a nurse, kitchen aid, cleaning, grounds keeping and security staff. At ENZ, tuition is free but parents pay a nominal fee of 2,000 to 2,500 Haitian Gourdes ($35 US). 

A Community Center is attached to the school and operates as the social heart of the community. Children can stay after school at the center and practice art, music or sport. There is also a media room with computers accessible to the children. There are 9 staff persons all attached to the Center. 

Ecole Nouvelle Royal Caribbean (ENRC)-PRODEV was retained by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (RCCL) to manage the school located near their resort in Labadie. There are 357 students enrolled at ENRC. Upon completion of the 9th grade, students are sent to a local high school in Cap-Haitien to complete their secondary education with the full support of Royal Caribbean. At ENRC, all expenses, including books, uniforms, meals, transportation are covered by RCCL. 

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