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  • Venue & Vendor Selection:

    • Research venues and vendors, draft RFPs if needed, and negotiate contracts in a manner that is consistent with industry best practices and aims to protect Prodev’s interests.

    • Conduct site visits to ensure venues meet the specific programmatic needs of the event.

  • Promotion and Marketing:

    • Develop and execute an annual special events marketing plan with strategies to promote each event and maximize attendance.

    • Utilize social media, traditional media, and other promotional channels to create buzz and awareness.

    • Work closely with a Graphic Designer to prepare materials, including invitations, programs, agendas, websites and online presence, and onsite collateral that capture and communicate Prodev’’s mission.

    • Co-develop communications strategies that grow Prodev’s reach, increase its awareness among targeted groups and expand engagement around Prodev’s work and goals.

    • Coordinate and jointly manage the communications needs of Prodev’s events, from inception of event planning to post-event follow-up and activities that generate earned media and community connectedness. 

  • Stakeholder Engagement:

    • Collaborate with key stakeholders, including board members, volunteers, and community partners, to enhance the success of events.

    • Foster positive relationships with sponsors and donors.

    • Post-Event Evaluation:

    • Conduct post-event evaluations to assess success and identify areas for improvement.

    • Provide recommendations for future events based on feedback and analysis.


    • Detailed plan and budget for all events & activities included in the Calendar

    • Communication and Marketing plan for each event & activity

    • Organization of at least 6 events & activities throughout the celebration year

    • Post-evaluation report following each event & activity to analyze the impact

    • Financial report following each event & activity

    • Filing of events & activities pictures & videos

    • Final report at the end of the celebration year

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